Rainout Procedures


On rainy days we have two basic situations:

- When teams are coming from a considerable distance we, this normally happens at U14 to  U19 levels we will allow three hours before game time.
- When the teams are both Mission teams or when they are coming from nearby association Maple Ridge we will allow two hours before game time
- If you can agree with the other team to wait longer fine both certainly no sooner than one hour before the game (we end up paying the umps if it is left too late)

The rule is simple if it is raining at that time or the fields are beyond recovery cancel the game. We want to express we want the field to be safe but also want to make any effort to get the game in. Going forward we will also have “text an Ump” to cancel the game, if the game is cancelled simply send a message to (604) and indicate what game is being cancelled, our UIC will inform the umps and Rachel our field scheduler at Parks and Rec