Rainout Procedures 2018

Umpire in Chief, Nelly Koops (604)302-8076

On rainy days we have two basic situations:

- When teams are coming from a considerable distance we, this normally happens at U14 to  U19 levels we will allow three hours before game time.
- When the teams are both Mission teams or when they are coming from nearby association Maple Ridge we will allow two hours before game time
- If you can agree with the other team to wait longer fine both certainly no sooner than one hour before the game (we end up paying the umps if it is left too late)

Learn to Play Co ordinator for 2018

Mission Minor Softball is looking for a Learn to Play Co-ordinator (LTP). This position includes the following duties. Attending the registration dates, scouting coaches at registration for the Learn to Play program, orientating the coaches of procedures, making sure the Learn to Play has required equipment and Tshirts, hosting and arranging all activities and food for the LTP year end day at Hatzic field in June. Attending executive meetings and reporting to the executives. Being a liason from parents to coaches. The successful candidate will have wage negotiated per season.

Volunteer Bond - 2018


There is also an increase in the refundable Volunteer Bond is $100 per family. We are looking to refund these bonds %100 percent each year but we need parents to volunteer in order to get this $ back. There are team volunteers and also league volunteers. 6 position per team for volunteers and the rest must volunteer to help the league. LTP program will refund 4 per team. Please view the registration page for more info.




2018 District6/14 Interlock Rules

1. All games to be governed by League Rules. Where no League Rules apply, Softball BC Operating Rules, then Softball Canada’s Rules will be in effect.
2. This is a noprotest League,Umpire decisions will be final.
3. All game times will be 6:30 pm & 8:30 pm, unless otherwise specified by the Home Team’s Association.
4. The Home Team is responsible for supplying Umpires, game balls, lining the field and supplying a “double base”.